Hey, it’s the original starship Enterprise at
the National Air and Space Museum!


Generations Geek is a more-or-less family-friendly celebration of geekdom by a father/daughter crime-fighting duo. Okay, perhaps they don’t fight crime, but they are two generations of geek.

Scott has been a geek since he was in the second grade watching Star Trek reruns on his grandma’s black-and-white television. Ella followed in his footsteps when he showed her the animated Star Trek after she kept asking what this Star Trek thing was that he was always talking about.

Beyond those Star Trek beginnings, they share a love of Ray Harryhausen movies, The Lord of the Rings, Edgar Rice Burroughs, Doctor Who, Monty Python, Captain Scarlet, and many other geeky things too numerous to mention.

On Generations Geek they talk about books, movies, comics, and any other geeky thing they think of. They also have cool guests, like New York Times bestselling authors and—wait for it— astronauts.

Check out the episodes on the Chronic Rift Network or through the Chronic Rift feed on the iTunes, then like them on Facebook and follow them on Twitter! And click the end of this sentence to hear Scott and Ella get interviewed about Generations Geek on the Hugo Award–nominated Skiffy and Fanty Show!

Click the picture of us with toast at a con for the latest episode, wherein we have an in-depth discussion about Kong: Skull Island!

A smattering of Scott’s professional geek cred.

Every now and then, Scott gets his geeky stories published. For more information, visit his website yeahsure.net.

The More Things Change

“A Medieval Knight in Vatican City”

Honor in the Night

“The Squire and the Valet”

“On My Side”

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