Welcome to Stuck in the Middle Press, my fancypants way of referring to my self-publishing efforts. My e-books will eventually all be available for Kindle, Nook, and iBooks (maybe even Kobo), but I haven’t jumped through all those hoops quite yet.

These e-books are primarily single short stories, featuring a mix of reprints and original titles in a variety of genres. Some have overlapping or continuing characters (or have more installments on the way), as you can tell from the subtitles. There are some longer works in the pipeline.

Although it’s called self-publishing, that doesn’t mean I’ve done it all by myself. So here’s a big shout-out to all the editors and beta readers whose feedback has helped polish these stories, previously published and unpublished alike. To name a few: Jeff Ayers, Kirsten Beyer, Jeff Ford, Ellen Hart, William Kent Krueger, Kevin Lauderdale, William Leisner, Nick Minecci, Amy Sisson, Dayton Ward, and everyone else whom I’ve forgotten over the years. And thanks to Tony Dierckins for designing the logo.

Clothes Make the Man
and Other Crimes

Four Short Crime Stories

“The Squid that Came to
Phil’s Basement”

Short Story

Happiness Through Philosophy
and Other Nonsense

Absurd Stories and Ludicrous Vignettes

Coming sooner than later but later than sooner.

“Finders Keepers”

Short Story

“The Mailbox”

Short Story

“The Satellite Dish”

Short Story

Coming soonish.

“Out of the Jacuzzi, Into the Sauna”

Short Story

“Of Murder and Minidonuts”

Short Story

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