I’ve been freelance editing since 2001, and I also had a day job as an editor from 2003 through 2013. Over the years I’ve worked on a wide variety of books, both fiction and nonfiction, from novels to true crime to World War II memoirs and more. Click a logo below to see their covers. Click here to see what some of the authors of those books have had to say about my work.

I’m available for your editorial needs through Yeahsure Editorial Services. From proofing to copyediting to line editing, my experience as a writer and an editor can help you achieve your best manuscript. Contact me to discuss your manuscript, decide what sort of editorial work you want, and learn about my reasonable rates.

I can help you polish your manuscript whether you are self-publishing or submitting to an agent or a traditional publisher.

Zenith Press publishes illustrated and narrative books on military history, aerospace, science, general history, and current events.

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