E. B. White said, “The best writing is rewriting.” But even after you finish your own revisions, all manuscripts deserve a nice polish, especially if you’re self-publishing. A fresh pair of eyes is essential to catching the little grammar speed bumps and typos any writer can miss in his or her own manuscript.

From proofing to copyediting to line editing, fiction or nonfiction, I can help you. With decades of experience as a writer and an editor, I can guide you to your best manuscript and maintain your voice throughout your work. Check out these testimonials to see what some of my authors have said about working with me.

Please contact me to discuss your manuscript, decide what sort of editorial help you want, and learn about my reasonable rates.

Here is a sampling of the books I’ve worked on in various capacities as an editor. My editorial experience is far more wide-ranging than these titles; make sure to check out all of my freelance work as well as my work for Zenith Press.

Pocket Books

Una McCormack

Voyageur Press

Ethan Siegel, PhD

Baen Books

David Boop (editor)

Saga Press

Ken Liu


Richard MacManus

Race Point Publishing

Bill Yenne

Pacifica Military History

Eric Hammel

Zenith City Press

Gail Feichtinger
with John DeSanto
and Gary Waller

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