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I’m happy to be back at work copyediting Star Trek novels after a long hiatus during licensing renewal. There’s great stuff coming for fans, including Una McCormack’s The Way to the Stars, the new Discovery tie-in featuring Tilly!

Meanwhile, in between freelance gigs, I’m plugging away at various manuscripts of my own, mostly short stories and novellas for now until I work my way back to a long-suffering novel project. I’ve started doing monthly updates on my blog about my misadventures in trying to get back to my writing career.

Space Next, the spaceflight documentary I cowrote, is still playing in some IMAX and dome theaters around the world. Click here to see if it’s in a theater near you. The next one I cowrote, Touch the Stars is currently in production with Afterglow Studios, the producers of Space Next, and we’re kicking around ideas for what comes next.

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