Welcome. I’m Scott, writer of made-up stuff and editor of more made-up stuff (and some true stuff). Click around to see my writing and editing projects—past, present, and future. Drop me an email if you have questions about anything I’ve written or edited.

If you want to put an extra polish on your manuscript before self-publishing or submitting to a traditional publisher, my Yeahsure Editorial Services may be just the thing you need, from proofing to editing. Please email me any questions.

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Maximum Velocity is a best-of collection of stories from the Full-Throttle Space Tales anthology series, and my story “Finders Keepers,” from Volume 3, Space Grunts, made the cut! The whole series has been out of print for a while, so this is your chance to own a nice selection of Full-Throttle Space Tales in paper form.

“On My Side” is in A Quiet Shelter There from Haldley Rille Books. A large part of the anthology’s profits will be donated to Friends of Homeless Animals. The stories feature service animals with a speculative fiction twist. In “On My Side,” a soldier finds himself in a difficult situation after being separated from his squad.

The spaceflight documentary I cowrote, Space Next, is now playing in IMAX and dome theaters around the world, including the United States, Canada, Europe, and Asia. Click here for details and I hope you’ll find a theater near you!

On sale now!

On sale now!

In Progress

I’m doing a substantial new draft of an old novella, and after that is ready for submission I’ve got another novella to complete and then, as always, there’s my long-suffering steampunk novel and some short stories crying for attention.

I have six short e-books out from Stuck in the Middle Press. Work continues apace (if that word can be applied to the speed with which a glacier advances) on two longer projects. One is a collection of my humorous short-short stories and vignettes, the other is a shared-world collection coauthored with a friend of mine; we’re both working on stories for it.

Other possible projects are under discussion with Afterglow Studios, the producers of Space Next.

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