Out of the Jacuzzi, Into the Sauna

by Scott Pearson

“I’m taking off my clothes,” Kate said. Holding her damp white shirt away from her skin, she flopped it around to try to cool off, then started unbuttoning.
       Bill looked up and dragged an arm across his forehead to stop the sweat from running into his eyes. His graying hair was plastered across his head, and his blue polo shirt was soggy and hanging on his shoulders. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”
       “First off, I never thought I’d hear my husband say that. Second, we’re in a sauna.”
       “Locked in a sauna. There’s a difference.”
       She stopped unbuttoning. “That’s all you’ve got to say? How about the guy with the gun doesn’t deserve to see me topless?”
       That’s when the door opened. . . .

© 2015 Scott Pearson